- this is the largest conceptual space of

the Black Sea coast,

which is a cafe, a 2-level restaurant, karaoke and a terrace. The complex is located on the first coast line in close proximity to the seaport, due to its location, it has a unique feature - a beautiful view of the sea and snowy yachts, which in combination with a wonderful cuisine and charming interior gives guests an unforgettable experience. The menu here is full of variety, but it does not affect badly, moreover, everyone, even the most demanding sybarite, will find here a dish to your liking.

In the menu of the D.O.M restaurant complex the recipes of European, Caucasian and Pan-Asian cuisines, as well as, slightly reinterpreted to local priority, dishes of the Mediterranean and some regions of Italy. The extensive wine and bar list gives an opportunity to satisfy the desire of almost everyone, offering an alternative to even very rare positions of wines or cocktails. On the territory of Grand Marina, where the restaurant D.O.M is located, there is parking, a wonderful family park, rooftop with the most summer dance floor in the city and one of the most interesting cuisines.

Quotes about D.O.M.


«Gastronomic Federation ", designed as a fantasy on the azure coast of the topic, includes three sovereign territories: a restaurant, an inner cafe and a cascading terrace, one panorama of which requires a visit. Tables, especially on the terrace, it is better to book in advance. Service corresponds to the claimed status: impeccably polite waiters with a pronounced cordiality will answer any questions about the menu and will give telepathically successful recommendations about the choice of dishes. The work of the chefs is also generally praiseworthy: steaks occasionally may not be different from the ordered degree of roasting, but here are seafood dishes - well, just delicacy».


«Located in one of the most picturesque places on the embankment of the city of Sochi at: Nesebrskaya 1a, restaurant complex D.O.M. became the next landmark project of the group in the field of public catering. A four-storey complex with a total area of about 3,000 square meters. m is calculated in total for 1200 seats. On the ground floor there is a cafe, on the second and third there is a restaurant and bar space, the fourth floor is occupied by a summer terrace with a panoramic view of the Black Sea coast and the historic building of the Marine Station. D.O.M - a restaurant in the classical sense, gathered in one place all the latest trends and the best world practices of restaurant business. The interior of the room is zoned and executed in several architectural styles, emphasizing a variety of gastronomic trends, which include both a democratic and high cuisine. The menu of the restaurant is a symbiosis of modern gastronomic trends, which, in addition to the dishes of European, Caucasian and Pan-Asian cuisine, offers a large collection of delicacies, including local products, fresh seafood, an extensive wine list and author's desserts».